Facilities Management & Architecture Partnered

Architects bring a unique perspective and a creative approach to the designing of buildings and other structures. Specializing in the ART and SCIENCE of constructing buildings, architects are concerned with the visual aesthetics of form, atmosphere, and character resulting in visionary designs and satisfied clients. An architect looks for solutions to the various problems that people face with buildings including those that are economic, ergonomic, aesthetic, social, safety, psychological or metaphysic, among others and find unique ways to overcome them through proper design. An architect gives life and meaning to a building and the spaces within while creating a lasting impact on the people who interact with them.
Principal driven engineering. Real relationships. Real impact. Real partnerships
Architects & Engineers have VERY different viewpoints when approaching building projects. Given the different aptitudes and roles of engineers and architects, it is not surprising that successful collaboration is a challenge.

At Goss Engineering, we are up to the challenge and are experts at translating your design visions into practical applications combined with a deep appreciation of the different perspectives each party brings to a project and the balance that is achieved through working collaboratively. Our philosophy of Principal Driven Engineering ensures that we provide value to your projects by understanding your design philosophy and your work methodology to create building solutions that create your vision and projects that are completed within/under budget. We provide enduring value which is not judged by price alone, but by the quality and quantity of what is delivered. We appreciate architectural innovation and seek to engage early in the project to better understand the architects’ iterative design approach while incorporating engineering requirements into your design imagination.

Collaborating with a full-service engineering firm with the right experience and expertise might be the solution to some of the pressing issues your firm is facing. Finding the right engineering firm that can effectively collaborate is key and can be instrumental in increasing architectural firm involvement.

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