Our Culture

Working at Goss Engineering will be both challenging & rewarding.
No two days will ever be the same

We Value

Our core values drive every decision we make. This is especially true about the team members that we want to work with. We’re pretty clear that a great working environment is a catalyst for great work. So we’ve created an environment to make that happen! Having great qualifications and an exemplary education is only part of working at Goss. We value open-communicators who embrace their unique personalities…no dry engineers here. We embrace humor, an occasional great prank, and the ability to see the great ironies that make even the most stressful moments more manageable.

Our Work Culture

From the entire crew enjoying lunch and connecting each Thursday to occasionally enjoying a ‘cold one’ on Fridays, we embrace Goss culture in all its unique ways. We are a geek-free, eclectic bunch, keeping it fun and casual in the office. Get to know us and you’ll be surprised!

Work/Life Balance

Life balance is pretty important to us too. From our principal engineers to our supporting staff, we realized long ago that balancing all the parts of our lives made for a better company. Being family-friendly just makes business sense to us….making it easier to hire and retain employees long-term. This translates into long-term relationships we have with our clients…consistent and impactful partnerships that stand the test of time.

Challenges & Opportunities

We believe that challenging our employees by giving them opportunities to flex their professional ‘muscles’ is pivotal to increasing our internal expertise. We grow and promote from within and actively encourage our staff to stretch themselves professionally through education and seminars as well as through volunteer opportunities.