Sample Electrical Infrastructure Projects

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo- Pier Electrical Service Replacement


This project replaced an existing, rusted-out substation and installed a new underground 12KV electrical distribution system.


Goss was the electrical engineer-of-record.


12.47 V, 480/277 V, 240/120 V


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


Goss Engineering was the electrical engineer-of-record for the demolition of an existing, rusted-out electrical substation and associated electrical infrastructure back to a PG&E high-voltage utility vault. The existing service fed a 112.5 kVA transformer and a 300 kVA that each stepped down to 480Y/277 volts.

The new substation includes a PG&E metering section, 600A gasless stainless steel VFI protected selector switch by Eaton, 12.47 kV – 480 V/277 V 45 KVA transformer, and 400 A 480 V/277 V distribution board. The new electrical wiring is underground, on the shoreline and a new 300-foot 12.47 KV feeder was installed from the shoreline to the pier’s existing 300 KVA 480-volt transformer.

This new infrastructure serves some of the shoreline, some of the pier, and some offshore electrical power.

The project is currently ongoing.