Healthcare MEP Projects

Keck Medicine of USC- Buena Park Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Addition


Goss was the mechanical and electrical engineer-of-record.




Linear Accelerator (Vivarian, TrueBeam), Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner (GE)


Keck Medicine of USC


ConAm Building Co.


Goss Engineering was the mechanical and electrical engineer-of-record for the MEP infrastructure required for a new 650 square feet concrete vault that housed the LINAC equipment and renovating an adjoining 6,500 square foot medical office building (MOB) for an outpatient clinic space that housed exam rooms, a CT scanner, nurse stations, office, and support areas. The new LINAC concrete vault and adjoining MOB are located in Southern California in the city of Buena Park.

The mechanical design strategy was to utilize several split DX systems with external MERV-14 filter banks to provide the necessary cooling, ventilation, air change per hour (ACPH), and filtration requirements for the facility. New ceiling-mounted fan coil units (FCU) were strategically placed throughout the space to minimize day-to-day operations in the event when maintenance would be required. A new dedicated 7-ton air-cooled process chiller was provided for the LINAC equipment along with the optional auxiliary equipment such as a quick connect panel (QCP).   

The electrical infrastructure was comprised of providing a new 400 amp panel and 150kVA transformer off of the main switchboard for the new LINAC equipment and adjacent medical offices suites and lighting. An optional power conditioner was provided for the LINAC equipment. Our team also coordinated all necessary wiring and conduit routing with shielding consultant and LINAC manufacturer.