Bell Gardens Unified School District- Multiple Site Package Unit Replacement


Goss assisted the mechanical contractor on this design-build package unit replacement.


Goss was the mechanical engineer-of-record.


This project replaced approximately 250 package units.


Bell Gardens Unified School District


Goss was the mechanical engineer-of-record for the design to replace package units on five different campuses. The units were past their expected life and did not provide sufficient cooling. This design-build project provided design for the replacement of nearly 250 HVAC units, including wall-mount and rooftop package units. The units served various spaces on each campus, including classrooms, offices, multi-purpose rooms, kitchens, libraries, and dining facilities.

Bell Gardens Elementary, Bell Gardens Intermediate, Garfield Elementary, Rosewood Park Elementary, and Suva Elementary each had numerous units that were not performing well, creating uncomfortable conditions for students and faculty, while also being inefficient. As a part of a Proposition 39 upgrade that provided energy savings while simultaneously improving thermal comfort, this project allowed the school district to capitalize on a state program to co-fund the construction effort.